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"Inner Whispers": Messages From A Spirit Guide (Volume III)

(CLICK HERE for Volume II)

This truly amazing book is a stand alone volume (you can get Volume I and Volume II later), written entirely by the highly evolved nonphysical Entity and Spirit Guide that we named "VERONICA".  Filled with practical advice on how to connect...  and how to enhance your life... and your relationships. 


  A must have for any serious spiritual/metaphysical library.  See below for the full  TABLE OF CONTENTS,  or click on the cover pictures below (or on the Amazon Banner if that is what you see) to ORDER THIS BOOK or go to the Amazon.com information pages.

If you get to the main Amazon page, just search either "Inner Whispers" or "April Crawford".


Paperback VERSION


Kindle Version


"Inner Whispers": Messages From A Spirit Guide: Volume III (Volume 3)


"Inner Whispers": Messages From A Spirit Guide (Volume III)


                                                     Forward by VERONICA
                                            About April Crawford
                                            About VERONICA
                                             The Messages

105)           The Harmony Of The Soul


106)           Forgiveness... Is It Possible?


107)           Balance In The Present


108)           Self Doubt


109)           Emotional Healing


110)           The Journey With Your Soul


111)           Walking A New Path


112)           The Strength To Change It


113)           The Garden Of Life


114)           Fearless


115)           Seek Your Soul


116)           Power Of One


117)           Rough Times In The Linear


118)           Giving And Receiving Energy


119)           Focus


120)           Be In The Flow


121)           Imperative To The Spiritual Connection


122)           Past Life Energy


123)           Changing Patterns


124)           The Decision To Be Here


125)           A Viewpoint Of Your Life


126)           Why We Do This


127)           Physical Reality Is In Transition


128)           Hearing The Energy Of Your Own Soul


129)           Loss Of Pets


130)           The First Thing


131)           What Should I Do?


132)           Time


133)           World Energy


134)           Facing Difficulty


135)           Runaway Thoughts


136)           Processing Fears


137)           Move Forward


138)           A Brave Soul

                  Embarks Upon The Journey


139)           Using Your Gifts


140)           Owning Your True Potential


141)           Hope


142)           Those Who Incarnate With You


143)           Paying Attention


144)           Give Yourself A Chance


145)           Each Soul Chooses Its Path


146)           Now


147)           Energy Healing


148)           You Are Valuable


149)           Action vs. Reaction


150)           Dismiss The Trivia


151)           Mistakes


152)           Spiritual Survival In The Linear


153)           In Regard To Relationships


154)           The Next Step


155)           The Results May Amaze You


156)           Emotions Are A Wild Card To Many




About The Author


Other Books Written Via April Crawford



Here is one of the first reveiws of this book (Kindle Version):

 5.0 out of 5 stars Inner Whispers III is the BEST EDITION YET... a MUST-BUY. November 6, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is more than a fascinating journey through the stark wisdom of a spirit guide -- it is a practical and extremely accessible guide for living your life to the fullest. It teaches you how to conquer your fears in these hard times with literal instruction on how to find and manage your energy to reach your spiritual Self and rise above the confusion of worldly dramas.

When the first volume of Inner Whispers came out some years ago, it quickly emerged as my favorite book on the subject of metaphysics and spirituality. April Crawford, long established as one of the world's best and only full body open deep trance channels, introduced us to a nonphysical entity, a spirit guide, called VERONICA.

When the second volume came out, I was skeptical. The first book was so groundbreaking and so unique that I simply could not wrap my head around how there could be any new ground to explore. I feared it would be nothing but a gratuitous rehashing and watering down of the original. But then I read it and was totally blown away. VERONICA opened up for me in a big way on a lot of levels. Volume II made me a believer in the format's potential to expand in a lot of directions.

Now with this third installment, I was no longer a skeptic but worried my expectations were too high and I might be disappointed. Not so! Having just read it, I can declare wholeheartedly that Inner Whispers III is the best of the entire series. I now realize there is literally no limit to VERONICA or the vastness of her message.

Although the author claims each volume of "Inner Whispers" is a standalone work, I regard them collectively as a singular evolving narrative with an overarching message that will truly improve your life and sense of well-being. If you can, I recommend you buy all three Inner Whispers volumes. If you have to choose only one volume, buy THIS one (Volume III) because this is one of the rare cases in which the LATEST really is also the GREATEST.