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Mailer 21

"Changing How Your Life Unfolds"

Special Tribute to Robert Butts, Jane Roberts, and Seth

Special Edition ~ January 21, 2014
A New Message
Establishing a New Perspective Upon Your Future
"Inner Whispers"
Welcome !!! -
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   *  A New Message From VERONICA: "Changing How Your Life Unfolds" 
    *  New This Week:  DEAR VERONICA

   *  A LETTER FROM ROBERT BUTTS (Co-Author of all of the Seth Books) To April Crawford and Allen.

Robert Butts, Jane Roberts and the Entity Seth are responsible for me [Allen] meeting April Crawford.  As acknowledged in the Abraham books and videos by Jerry and Esther Hicks, Robert Butts, Jane Roberts, and Seth are also responsible for Jerry and Esther Hicks becoming seriously interested in channeling, and they also introduced Jerry and Esther to the universal laws that they combined in to the now famous "Law of Attraction", i.e. Seth's messages that "Thought Creates Reality" and that "Like Attracts Like".  Have you heard of the number one best selling book and DVD series as promoted by Oprah Winfrey, "The Secret"?  It would probably never have happened if it were not for Robert Butts.

   *  A NEW "Inner Whispers" TV video has been posted!

"Inner Whispers" TV Episode 7: Attracting the Right Relationship: A Perspective From Spirit.

It's Short.  It's Free.... and you can see it NOW HERE!

(Or you can just search "Inner Whispers TV Episode 7" on YouTube.)

   * The first 5.0 out of 5 stars reviews for VERONICA's and April Crawford's new book "Heavenly Match" are in.  You can see seventeen of them below:

 Heavenly Match
A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel
Tell Their True Stories About
How and Why They Met.

Available at all AMAZON sites
BUT... best ordered (for us) if in the USA from Amazon using our associate links at
258 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9823269-9-2
Best Ordered from: 
Print,Kindle, and Nook Books
all available via:
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VERONICA is a highly evolved nonphysical entity and guide that speaks and writes via a Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford.  VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide.  For more information, including many free videos of VERONICA speaking, try
About April Crawford:
April Crawford is one of the most adept, and one of the only true full body, open, deep trance channels and spirit mediums in the world.
April does not herself participate in consultations or the writing of books and newsletters, except that she gives up a considerable part of her conscious physical life to allow VERONICA and others to come through with messages and consultations for those interested.
All messages and books written by VERONICA and other entities via April Crawford are delivered in first, final, and only draft.  There is never any editing except for occasional punctuation, which is done at the discretion of the facilitator (usually Allen).  Note also that VERONICA does not type in these newsletters or the books directly. So, if you find a typo or two, it is a transcription error of a volunteer, again, usually by Allen. 
A New Message From VERONICA

Changing How Your Life Unfolds

     "Being in physical reality requires the self to construct parameters and definitions while creating reality.

     A value system emerges while making it all personal resonates.  If one does not become mindful of the way they participate, a life experience can become very unbalanced.

     It is important to keep your sense of self in check each moment.  your ability to create properly depends upon how you see and value yourself.

     Decide each day to find the worth of your participation in any event.  It must be solely your determination, not a collection of others who may judge you.

     At the end of the day, it is your own embracement of you that creates the level of exhilaration within your life.  Everyone else's opinion is just that..... an opinion.

     Always evaluate from your own soul's perspective, and no other.

     Under value of the self is a common occurrence that can lead to poor ability to create one's reality.

     Give yourself permission to find your worth, and then own it.

     We realize there are many pitfalls regarding self worth, however, the ability to conquer that negative outlook is valuable.

     Decide today to change how you feel.  Look yourself in the eye and appreciate your presence.  It can be contagious.

     Thus changing how your life unfolds."



Considering it within the universal and eternal context, why does the linear exist?
Just wanting to understand more.


Aura Camacho-Maas

Dear Aura,

     The linear exists to enable soulful energy to participate in its expansion in a more dense energy manner.

     By being able to move through its creations utilizing physical senses, the soul can retain the experience with more impact.



You can send letters for Dear VERONICA to Note that only letters to Dear VERONICA that are chosen for publication are generally responded to.  

                                                                  FEB 07/04
                                                                  10:56  PM






April recently found this letter from Rob in some files she was rearranging.  I decided to share it here in tribute to Rob and all who knew him.  He was quite a major contributor to my life and so many others.  An understatement to be sure. 


Note: You can see an enlarged copy of Rob's hand printed letter HERE.
First Reviews of "Heavenly Match"

5.0 out of 5 stars Very,very interesting, January 20, 2014
by Martha de Cambi (D.F., Mexico Mexico)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)

I would recommend this book to my friends interested in this issues.
I think the book is outstanding.thank you very much.

5.0 out of 5 stars Everybody should read this book, the answers are within........., January 19, 2014
By glenn
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
I will read this book many more times as I have their other books, once is not enough, a wonderful Love story, as well as a spiritual awakening. Kudos to Allen and April and of course to Veronica and friends. I can't wait for the next. With much Love, Glenn

5.0 out of 5 starsFantastic, January 20, 2014
By Toni Sipka
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
What wonderful well written informative book. Being a fan of April and Veronica for years this really answered so many questions for me.
So wonderful!

5.0 out of 5 stars great information, January 19, 2014
By bitofstardust
Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
Having read many of April Crawford's books ..this one tells of the story behind Veronica...I found it very interesting...and comforting... I thank Allen and April for their work... very good, informative,
  5.0 out of 5 starsvery good, informative,  January 18, 2014
By Sally A. Rung "beadcat" (New Castle PA USA)
(Real Name)    
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
It answered some of my questions about Veronica. Who "she" is and how April was chosen.
The book made it easier to realize who we are and where we are going.
I recommend it to everyone who wants to gain more understanding of this current life and beyond.
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVED IT!, January 16, 2014
By M Lousie Adams
Amazon Verified Purchase

This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed this book very interesting I would recommend to
anyone interested in anything spiritual. Interesting how spirit
always finds a way!
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Read, January 14, 2014
By Gracey
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
Like many of April Crawford's books, this gives wonderful insight into the human condition and our connection to the spiritual world.

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Book!, January 9, 2014
By Sharon
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
I found it very fascinating! Particularly the perspective of Veronica in her commitment to help those here, and her search for a channel. The reader is able to see April as a real person with other absorbing career interests and channeling wasn't one of them! The story raises questions for me anyway, but I am interested in what goes on behind the scenes. I have read them all and this is another must read if you have any interest at all in what goes on in the unseen world around us.  

5.0 out of 5 starsBest Book EVER!, January 9, 2014
By GeekyGranny "Geeky Granny" (Boise, ID United States) 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
It's wonderful to see how it all happened between April and VERONICA!! So fun to read and to see how the entity of VERONICA goes through finding the right spirit to use as a conduit to share their wisdom and experiences. And so fun to see what April, the reluctant medium, go through meeting VERONICA when April was not even looking to become a medium.
5.0 out of 5 starscomforting, January 7, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
I liked the origin of how April and Veronica came to be and Allen and their friends interaction
I would recommend this book to my spiritual friends.
5.0 out of 5 starsAn enjoyable, insightful read!, January 6, 2014
By Kitty Kat (Ventura, CA United States)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in this topic! As a matter of fact, I have order multiple copies that were sent to friends. The day I received this book I was just going to start off by reading a chapter or two to get a feel for it and ended up reading the book in one day. A quick and captivating read about the beginnings of a wonderful and humble relationship of a woman and her spiritual companion. I look forward to hopefully more writings about this relationship!!!
 5.0 out of 5 starsQuestions Answered, December 18, 2013
By Truth Seeker (Ontario, ca United States) 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
Even though we've known April/VERONICA and Allen for many years, there was always a
curiosity of how "it" all began. This book tells it all, from April as a young dancer, to VERONICA
searching for the perfect vibratory match. It's almost like watching someone's life evolve before
your eyes, as you go from chapter to chapter. It is not like any book that I've read before, it's
so much more.
 5.0 out of 5 starsGreat book, January 10, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
Loved the book. Its was very unique, interesting and valuable to get the perspective from both side of the veil. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
5.0 out of 5 stars Heavenly Match, January 13, 2014
By Jeanette Snyder
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
I recommend this to anyone with an open mind. We all have God-given gifts to help one another.
I chose this rating; because, each one of us is evolving. This is a good message to help and not harm others. Maybe you will get something else out of this book. Looking forward to the next book!
5.0 out of 5 stars Unique viewpoints from above and below, January 4, 2014
By Karl Riely (Real Name)  
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories of How and Why They Met (Kindle Edition)
The causal plane being describes searching for the required match from earth; the earth channeler describes the experience of the resulting merging. Unique insights into the channeling phenomenon.
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it, December 12, 2013
By Laughingwaters
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
I read this book in one day. I so wanted to understand how an energy like veronica blends in with a human. I found the whole process so interesting, I could not put the book down. For anyone interested in this subject, this is a good read.
5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent Add to Your Spiritual Metaphysics Library, December 11, 2013
By Allen R. Crawford "Editor," (Los Angeles) (REAL NAME)    
This review is from: Heavenly Match: A Spirit Guide and a Deep Trance Channel Tell Their True Stories about How and Why They Met (Paperback)
This book will be of interest to several different audiences. First of all will be those interested in spiritual metaphysics and consciousness, who happen to also be aware of April Crawford's work in this area. Double that if you are interested specifically in deep trance channeling, reincarnation, and/or spiritual mediumship. However, this is also a set of two interweaving spiritually themed true stories that are good reads as personal memoirs in and of themselves (although April Crawford from childhood through early adulthood had no idea whatsoever that this turn of events would occur).

VERONICA of course is a nonphysical Entity and Guide who writes "her" own story from before she incarnated physically the first time to her eventual search for someone physical to serve as a communications vehicle that would allow VERONICA to be of service to those incarnated in this timeframe.. If you like the writings of the Entity Seth or the Entity Abraham, this book will add to your body of knowledge on those "What's It All About Alfie " types of questions.

There have been several earlier books written via April Crawford, mostly featuring messages from VERONICA, but also from others about the afterlife. All made the Amazon best seller list in general, and all reached number 1 in various related genres. If you have read and liked some of the other books written via April Crawford, or if you are interested in the subject matter in general, you will probably enjoy this book. In terms of full disclosure, the reason I am able to review this book first is that I wrote the introduction. -Allen, Facilitator for April Crawford, Administrator for VERONICA.

If you have not ordered your copy of "Heavenly Match" yet, you can do so directly at by searching either the title or the Author.  You can also order from AMAZON in the USA by using our affiliate link at

As always, April and I thank everyone for your support of our work in this area. We greatly appreciate it.

Best wishes,


Frequent Questions About How Readings Work
An article by Allen
As Facilitator for April Crawford, I receive and respond to all inquiries and questions related to having a personal reading/consultation with VERONICA.  While most emails are simply about scheduling, there are a number of questions that come up over and over.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to answer the most frequent questions here:
1)  Are the readings specific to me, or are they more general?
All conversations with VERONICA are very specific to you and those in relationships with you that you may be discussing.  When you talk with VERONICA, she is talking with YOU as an individual.  She is reading your energy and the energy around whatever it is that you are discussing as the conversation progresses along the lines that you specifically are interested in individually.
2)  Can other people be on the call?
Yes, many people have friends or small groups that talk with VERONICA.  My only suggestion is that if personal questions are being discussed, that you go one at a time rather than back and forth among the group, as VERONICA focuses in specifically on who is asking personal questions and it is more efficient to let one person go for awhile rather than back and forth in ping pong fashion.  On the other hand, if general questions are being asked, like "Is Reincarnation Real?", for example, then it is fine if people just jump in with their questions as long as they do not cut someone else off.
Note:  There is never any extra charge for additional people being on the same call.  However, it is usually a good idea to have a host or moderator on your end.
3)  What subjects can be discussed?  Are there any questions that VERONICA will not respond to?
The sessions are conversational in nature.  You can ask questions or discuss whatever topics you wish.  However, with some subjects you may get an explanation rather than a direct answer.  For example, we do not offer the service of talking directly with "dead" relatives or any entity other than VERONICA for telephone sessions.  Also, we do not offer the services of finding lost people or things, solving crimes, or fortune telling (making predictions of the future).
Questions about future probabilities are OK, as long as you realize that VERONICA will typically discuss so called "future" events only in terms of either what the probabilities are, or, how to better create the events you desire by making more aware choices.  It is important to understand that everyone creates, literally, their own future, moment by moment, based upon your choices and believes.  Nothing is written in stone.  This is a free will dimension and every individual has the power to change their future, sometimes with a single thought or action.
3)  When I call, will it be April or VERONICA that answers the phone?  When I am speaking, do I address myself to April or VERONICA?
Well, in most cases I (Allen) answer the phone.  After some introductory exchanges, I ask if you are ready to go?  When you say "yes", I then say something like "April is here drifting out as we chat so VERONICA can come in.  When VERONICA gets here in a few seconds, I will leave the office and it will be just the two of you" (Or in the case of a group, just the three, four, or whatever number of you as appropriate. The point being that I leave the office).  The sessions are completely private. You will always be talking with VERONICA (not April) and you can discuss whatever you wish in complete privacy.
4)  What if I have something EXTREMELY personal and out of the mainstream on my mind to discuss with VERONICA? 
You can discuss anything with VERONICA without any concern for being judged.  And by this, I mean ANYTHING.  VERONICA has incarnated physically many times, is now very highly evolved and experienced, and frankly, VERONICA has seen and done it all.  It would be very unlikely that you could, for example, shock VERONICA in any way.  VERONICA can be very comforting and informative regardless of whatever subject YOU think might be sensitive or "edgy" to discuss.
5)  How often should I talk with VERONICA?
How often is completely up to you.  I can tell you that some people talk with VERONICA once or twice a year, while others talk with VERONICA two or three times a week, every week.  Some always take half hours, while others always take hours or always take 90 minutes.  Still others mix and match times.
When scheduling,  I always ask you to tell me what time ranges are best for you, rather than just telling you when the next opening is.  There are so many reasons people want certain time ranges for personal reasons.  It could be when you you have privacy at home, when your friend will be visiting for a group call, your lunch hour, whatever.  And then there are the many time zones around the world.  So, I schedule all sessions according to what times are best for you, and always using California time (to keep me sane).  You can always check the time and day of the week in California by using the digital clock at the top of the page at
6)  Does April do in-person sessions?
Yes.  But by far and away for practical reasons, most people talk with VERONICA by phone.  The information is the same and VERONICA can look at your energy and the energy of those around you, and the events around you, regardless of physical distance or time.  Is it cooler to talk with VERONICA in person?  I think so.  But that is just like any meeting.  In-person is more intense, but via telephone is usually more convenient and practical.
7)  Can I speak with my own guides or "dead" relatives in phone sessions?
For phone sessions VERONICA is the one you will talk with.  For in-person session and sessions related to our Patron and Research Partners... anything is possible.
8)  Should I send my questions or photos in advance of talking with VERONICA"
No.  Neither VERONICA nor April read emails related to sessions (other than thank you notes or testimonials after a session, which are always read and saved).  If there are things or background that you wish to convey to VERONICA, you can do so when you talk with her.
9)  Is it OK to call using Skype?
Yes.  Calling by any means is OK, whether it is Skype, Google Phone, International Calling Cards, Cell Phones... all are fine.  Just note that we use a regular landline on our end.  In order to call a landline under most Skype plans, you must first make a small deposit of a few cents per minute into your Skype account BEFORE you make your call.
10)  Should I have some questions ready in advance, or should I just sit there and wait to see what VERONICA will say?
The sessions are conversational in nature.  It is a big cosmos.  It is a good idea to have some questions in mind or a least a good idea about what topics you wish to discuss.
11)  How can I get the most out of my conversations with VERONICA?
Just be relaxed and have a good idea about what you would like to talk about.  There is nothing to be at all nervous about when talking with VERONICA.  She is the most comforting non-judgmental easy to talk with being that you are ever likely to encounter.  Regardless of the issues at hand, you are likely to feel better and even enthusiastically so after a conversation with VERONICA.  Many people call VERONICA just to chat and share their lives from time to time.  I include myself in that group.
I hope that this has been informative.
Best wishes,
PS:  If you ever have any other questions about readings/consultations with VERONICA, always feel free to just send me an email at  I will be happy to assist in any way I can.
How To Make A Telephone Appointment 
To Talk Directly With VERONICA
{!name_fix}- If you would like to schedule either a one-on-one or group personal telephone consultation/reading directly with VERONICA (or if you have questions about the readings) just send me (Allen) an email at
Note:  Although VERONICA's newsletter messages are intended for a wide audience, telephone consultations/readings are specific to you personally, and highly individual regarding you and any personal relationships you wish to discuss.  You can ask questions or discuss whatever personal topics you wish directly with VERONICA, and with no judgement, regardless of your issues or lifestyle.
April is currently offering, half hour, hour, and 90 minute personal telephone sessions.  Longer sessions are available by special arrangement.
Making a personal connection with VERONICA can be really great on many levels.... and... you make a multi-lifetime friend in the process. 
The reasons that people talk with VERONICA are quite varied, but include:
1) Romantic and Family Relationships.
2) Personal and Spiritual Growth.
3) Spiritual and Metaphysical Studies.
4) Personal Past Life Discussions.
5) Grief and Bereavement Counseling.  (Note that although we do not offer direct conversations with those who have crossed in phone sessions, talking with VERONICA can be extremely comforting on a number of levels, not to mention that VERONICA is there, on the other side, has "died" physically many times herself, and is expert on the process, life between lives, reincarnation, and the questions about "why" things have happened the way they did from a bigger picture point of view, etc.   This also applies to the crossing of pets by the way.)
6) Life Coaching.
7) Business Relationships, Negotiations, and Projects. (Knowing the perspectives and life goals, as well as the methods of going about those goals, and the greatest fears of those you consider for hiring, or firing, or for those you negotiate business deals with, has proven to be useful to many business owners, founders, and executives.  Understanding how to better communicate with specific individuals can "break the ties" and either make or save a great relationship... or prevent a poor one.)
Many people talk periodically with VERONICA throughout their entire lives.  The conversations with VERONICA are two-way and fully interactive.  You can ask questions or discuss whatever topics you wish.
Some talk with VERONICA much more frequently than others, but by far most of the people that VERONICA talks with have talked with her before.
In addition to being a personal conversation with a highly evolved entity and guide... it really is like talking with a very good friend.  Certainly, in addition to April, VERONICA is my (Allen's) best friend, adviser, and life coach.
A note to professional service providers:
Many who offer professional services in psychology, life coaching, and intuitive fields regularly talk with VERONICA regarding these three areas:
1) Specific Individual Clients,
2) Developing New Programs for Clients, and,
3) Your own Personal and Business Relationships... and your own personal development and growth.  If you are looking for someone outside of your usual circle to talk with at a professional level and with a unique perspective and expertise... and the ability to read and analyze the energy surrounding any person, place, relationship, or event...  consider talking with VERONICA.  Telephone access to VERONICA can be a huge and practical asset to you personally and to your practice and business. 
Note:  You can read some Thank You Notes and Testimonials from people who have talked with VERONICA HERE. 
The Best Place To Get April's Books
(including Kindle Books)
Video Messages From VERONICA
You can find a directory of the free video messages from VERONICA as posted on YouTube HERE
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Once you get to Amazon, you can go anywhere you want on that site and we will still receive credit as long as you don't leave the site before checking out.
Thank you!
April & Allen
Skype for Long Distance Calling is Getting Really Good
If you or someone you knows makes International or any long distance calls that are expensive, you should really look into using Skype.  The service is free if you call other Skype users anywhere in the world.  But, you can also call any regular phone for a few cents per minute... anywhere in the world.
When Skype first started a few years ago, I was somewhat concerned about possible sound quality.  But today, VERONICA receives many International calls, and more and more of them are using Skype.
And here is the update.  From our end, we cannot tell if the call is coming in via Skype or a regular land line.  And for two or three cents per minute from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world, if you have a good Internet connection, using Skype is really worth a look.
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