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"Inner Whispers": Messages From A Spirit Guide (Volume II) is the second in this series of best selling books written by the highly evolved nonphysical entity and guide known as "VERONICA" via Open Deep Trance Channel & Medium April Crawford.

 Volumen II continues the messages, complete with "QUOTES FOR THE DAY" that appear randomly throughout the book.

 You can see VERONICA's direct message to you (below) about this particular edition immediately following the complete Table of Contens (just below the Amazon links).

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To Order this book from AMAZON or for more information, just click on either the picture to the left or the text link to the right.

To Order "Inner Whispers" (Volume II): CLICK HERE



                          Forward by VERONICA
                          About April Crawford
                          About VERONICA

53) The Current State of Affairs

54) Clutter in The Linear


56) Belief Systems

57) Letting Go of the Past

58) Evolvement Through Difficult Situations

59) Connecting with Spirit Guides (Part I)

60) Spirit Guides II

61) Spirit Guides III: Maintaining a relationship

      with Spirit Guides

62) Spirit Guides IV:

      Reconnecting After Separation

63) Eternal Plan

64) The World of Now

65) Past Lives

66) Timeline

67) Times of Trouble

68) Mass Consciousness

69) Despair

70) Growing Up

71) Artful Expression of the Soul

72) Forgiveness

73) Reincarnational Process

74) Remember Who You Are

75) The Big Picture

76) Encouragement

77) Lamenting the Past

78) A Return to the Soul

79) Timelessness

80) Be Not Afraid

81) Remember Who You Are

82) You Are The Artist of Your Life

83) Create....... (To “Stick” or be “Unstuck”)

84) Defining Yourself

85) You Are Never Alone

86) “Anger”

87) You and the Planet

88) Boundaries..... (Release Them)

89) The Oasis of Your Soul

90) The Importance of Living In Your Truth

91) Healing

92) The Positive Evolution of Your Soul

93) Unconditional Love

94) Finding The Hope Within You

95) When You Leave This Life

96) Connecting To Your Soul

97) Recipes For Evolvement

98) This Happens Often In A Life

99) A Life Truly Blessed

100)  Being Spontaneous in The Linear

101)  Planetary Healing

102)  A Sense of Security in The Linear

103)  The Next Place of Wonder

104)  Listening


Quotes For The Day


About The Author


Other Books by April Crawford




     "Never feel alone for we are always focused on the souls of those who need assistance.  It is our intention to enlighten and to share a perspective to help you on your journey home.  We have great affection for your soul.

     The longevity of our relationship supersedes the writing of this book.

 Though without physical form, we are not without heart & compassion for those evolving their way through the physical experience.  ‘Tis the reason for our participation... no other.

     Feel our presence and be comforted.  We are indeed real, our consciousness ever expanding towards evolution.  Our hope is that you will journey with us to the eternal.  We are merely participating at a different frequency and sometimes it provides a clearer view.

     We are your constant supporter with true belief in the power of your soul.

                              Your friend,